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Introducing Bob “Woody” Woodward

Introducing Bob “Woody” Woodward

+ Bend Oregon’s mayor from 1997 to 1999

+ Mountain biking Hall of Famer

+ Prolific journalist

+ COTA Co-founder

+ Medalist at Mountain Biking World Championships

+ Photographer and Jazz enthusiast

Bob Woodward first visited Bend in 1976 and moved to the sleepy town of 12,500 for the outdoor lifestyle it provided. He never would have imagined Bend to grow into what it is today. 

Bob’s list of accomplishments, community involvement and hobbies are documented along the walls of his home museum, where Brian Ladd was honored to learn more about Bob’s story. Brian brings to light the impact Bob’s life has had on Bend’s community and the outdoor lifestyle we have all come to love and enjoy. A conversation that will leave you reminiscing about Central Oregon’s “good old days,” and ignite a genuine appreciation for Bend’s history and the ones who fell in love with it first.

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