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Buyer’s Guide: Buy on Bend’s Eastside or Westside?

Buying in Bend is fun again! Housing inventory is up, providing a wider range of options for home buyers in all price ranges. At The Ladd Group, the dedicated group of Buyer Specialist’s are out and about every day talking with buyers and looking at homes throughout the area. A question we get asked quite frequently by buyers in the $250k-$450k range is should I buy on the Eastside or Westside of Bend?

A few benefits of both sides that will allow you to better navigate where to focus your home search.


– Close to “the action”. Festivals, trails, river, restaurants etc…

– A range of historic homes, new homes and neighborhoods.

-The trade-off: The Westside is more expensive. If you have budget constraints, you will be paying a premium to live on the Westside. You will be paying more per square foot, meaning you will be able to afford a smaller home.


-Up & coming area of town. Potential to purchase a home now and see good appreciation over the coming years. Brand new 3-4 bedroom homes available at affordable prices. If you’re a family with a budget who needs a bit more space, the Eastside is a great option for finding a big enough house for the whole family.

-It’s still easy to access all of the great amenities Bend has to offer.

-The trade-off: The Eastside is still growing in to it’s future self and you have to do a little more research to find the right neighborhood for you.

Call any of us at The Ladd Group if you have questions about buying a home in Bend!

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