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Finding Success In A New Real Estate World

Our Team’s Role In Your Success

As we prepare to release our 5th edition, bi-annual State of the Market report, our team is working diligently to gather content around market statistics, data, and guidance so our clients and community can make wise decisions in real estate. Real estate done right empowers rather than traps, creating a secure foundation for a healthy, happy, and prosperous life in our amazing community.

Given that, I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to explain the impetus of the Ladd Group. The team’s structure is intentionally designed to deliver high-level expertise that empowers our clients.  

To start, real estate has changed, and in a big way. Realtors used to hold the golden keys to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), leaving the public dependent on agents to gain access to the marketplace of homes. That has all changed with online real estate databases making the information free and accessible to anyone.

Yet despite technology making it easier than ever to view listings and inventory, homes that are listed FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sell for far less than when represented by an experienced agent. From the buyer’s side, those who go at it alone are often on the outside of the market, missing opportunities and being out-negotiated by represented buyers. Why is this the case and why the Ladd Group?

Well, as with many things, real estate is moving faster than ever with technology changing how homes are marketed and sold on a daily basis, exponentially increasing the duties of a high-level real estate agent.  To stay at the forefront of this industry and to serve our clients at an “advisor” level, as one expects of an attorney or CPA, it takes relentless training, specialization and support.  

For Our Buyers

We believe that a team of trained specialists best deliver this experience, starting with the Ladd Group agents who serve buyers looking to purchase a home in this competitive market. The Ladd Group’s structured support and adoption of innovative technology allows our agents to focus their time researching the market and upcoming inventory, develop buyer negotiation strategies, understand trends and new developments, and deliver new inventory the moment (to the second) it becomes available. All of this works together to ensure that our buyers are most likely to succeed in purchasing the right property for the right price.  

For Our Sellers

When our group is engaged to sell our clients’ properties, we have equally focused seller support. The listing agents at the Ladd Group have the full support of our in-house marketing director to showcase a home at an industry-leading level. Far beyond just nice photos, this strategy includes a custom marketing strategy diversified with custom cinema-quality videos, complex stunning print collateral, online syndication strategy, social media targeting and distribution, all culminating with lead engagement and conversion. Our team is part of an elite coaching network, and as one of the top teams in the nation (Ladd Group is #1 in Oregon), we consistently employ innovative technology, tools, and marketing techniques to showcase our properties in the finest light, ensuring they are the standard by which other homes and marketing efforts are measured.

Network and Client Relationship Tracking

The Ladd Group has been fostering its network over the last decade, building a database of 25,000 (and growing) current, past, and future clients that have registered with our group. We nurture and develop these relationships to best support their real estate journey, whether it be one week or one decade. Our position to serve as listing agents on several top local projects from Tetherow to basecamp to the new Arête project in NorthWest Crossing, also feeds this valuable database which directly benefits our selling clients.

Contract Support

While this may not be the most glamorous discussion point, real estate transactions are complex and full of legal obligations and duties. We feel that this “Contract to Closing” time is of utmost importance and we invest in this by employing a full-time contract coordinator to support our clients and agents through this critical period. While we have heard stories of chaotic real estate transactions, our intent is to deliver a smooth and calm transaction that avoids the unnecessary pitfalls and drama of missed deadlines and last minute panic.  

It’s About You

Delivering this Ladd Group experience is not easy and it takes a deep commitment to the industry and our clients. For those of you who have a trusted and experienced agent at your side, we applaud you. For those who still have yet to find this important representative, we would be honored to have a consultation to see how we can be of assistance in your real estate journey.  

~Brian Ladd

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