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State of The Market, Spring 2022 Is Here!

A Letter From Brian Ladd

Two years have passed since the official start of theCOVID-19 pandemic. Its effect on our economy, specifically housing, has been shocking, to say the least. The pandemic has changed how we interact, how and where we work, and the overall definition of “home”. As society locked down, the definition and needs placed on a home expanded to now regularly include multiple home offices, spaces for homeschooling, room for extended family, and even workout and mental health sanctuaries.Perhaps most visible to residents of Bend in the last two years is the accelerated migration from urban cores such as Seattle, San Francisco and Portland to suburbs and smaller lifestyle-oriented metropolitan areas. Bend has been in the cross-hairs of this trend with a large influx of out-of-town and state residents bringing new ideas, businesses and energy into our community, however, the strain this migration has had on our housing stock is significant.With the expectation that COVID-19 will become endemic, and life hopefully returns to normal, I have thought hard about how this transition could affect housing and real estate. This report touches on many aspects of our current economy and real estate market, and we welcome you to continue the conversation with us anytime. While there is no crystal ball, we feel that knowledge is power for our clients and hopefully these insights help you make wise decisions regarding housing and real estate.

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