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    Ladd Group Webinars and Events


    The Future of Housing Affordability – Live Webinar

    Thursday, September 30 @ 4 PM
    Brian Ladd invites Housing Director for the City of Bend, Lynne McConnell, and Bend City Council member, Anthony Broadman, to discuss the future of housing affordability in Central Oregon. Learn more about how our government officials are planning to help meet the housing needs of our rapidly growing city.

    Past Webinars and Events

    July 21, 2021: The Market Is Shifting: How Buyers Can Be Successful Right Now

    Brian Ladd and our expert buyers agents discuss current trends in the Bend real estate market—and what they could mean for your own real estate goals.

    We address topics, like:

    • Inventory levels and how that affects sales price
    • Should buyers wait?
    • Ways to win in a competitive (and changing) market
    • Should sellers wait?
    • Buyer trends

    June 10, 2021: What Is Up with This Market?

    March 16, 2021: Your Real Estate Questions Answered

    February 10, 2021: Tips for Being Successful in This Market

    Click here for slides.

    November 12, 2020: This Week in Housing: State of the Housing Market

    August 6, 2020: This Week in Housing: State of the Housing Market

    June 4, 2020: Bend Chamber of Commerce Covid-19 Impact Webinar, Featuring Brian Ladd and Others

    (To just hear what Brian has to say, forward to 16:00 minutes)


    May 21, 2020: Growth – Where Planning, Construction, and Community Converge

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    May 1, 2020: This Week in Housing with Roger Lee

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    April 16, 2020: Navigating the Bend Housing Market in Uncertain Times

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    Past BendBEAT Podcasts

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    We first became acquainted with Brian 12 years ago while building our home in Arvada, Colorado by Bruttany Builders. Brian was always willing to make sure all of our concerns were addressed and remedied. We began looking for a second home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 3 years ago. We were pleasantly surprised that Brian was a Real Estate Agent in the area and to be honest that is why we pursued the search at that time. Brian made himself available on the week-ends that we would be traveling…