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Ladd Group Webinars and Events

Watch our latest webinar – August Housing Market Update

Join Brian Ladd and Erin Martin for an August market update and in-depth breakdown of the most up-to-date information regarding the real estate market in Central Oregon.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • A comprehensive look at current market data and stats
  • What’s happening in Central Oregon housing right now
  • How this shift can impact your buying/selling strategy


    Past Webinars and Events

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    June Housing Update – Is the market crashing or correcting?

    Join Brian Ladd and Steve LaCrosse for an in-depth review of what we’ve been seeing in the market the last month and what it means for our buyers and sellers in Central Oregon.

    Topics of discussion will address:

    • Mortgage rates
    • Are we in a housing market correction?
    • What’s ahead

    Central Oregon May Housing Update

    Watch our most recent in-depth review of the housing market and local and national trends affecting real estate in 2022, with Brian Ladd and Erin Martin.

    Brian and Erin also welcome Tom Cody of project^, developer of the Grove, NorthWest Crossing’s transformative live, work and dine experience. They will discuss trends on Bend’s west side, as well as take an inside look at Arête, the hottest condominium development coming to the Grove this spring.

    Learn more about Arête –

    Spring 2022 Market Update

    Brian Ladd and Steve LaCrosse of the Ladd Group in Bend, Oregon, go live for a quick update on the Spring 2022 real estate market in Central Oregon. They address the most relevant questions affecting buyers and sellers right now.

    + Inventory

    + Inflation & Interest Rates

    + Housing Price Forecasts

    + Local Trends and Insights

    10 Real Estate Trends To Watch In 2022

    As we move into 2022, both buyers and sellers are wondering, what’s next? Will there be more homes available to buy? Will prices keep climbing? How high will mortgage rates go? For the answer to those questions and more, we turn to the experts.

    In this webinar, Brian Ladd and Steve LaCrosse of the Ladd Group, and Giancarlo Gatto of Northwestern Home Loans, give a quick recap of 2021, and discuss the top ten things to be aware of in Real Estate in 2022.

    December Real Estate Market Update

    Bend’s shifting real estate market and what the data is really saying

    Real estate in Bend is changing, and not in the way the headlines are leading us to believe. Brian Ladd, Erin Martin and Steve LaCrosse address the five most relevant facts affecting real estate in 2022. 

    We’re going deeper than the headlines to share data and insights aimed to empower you to navigate the Bend real estate market successfully.

    The slides from this presentation are available to download. Please click on “DOWNLOAD SLIDES”.

    November Market Update + Buyer and Seller Q&A

    Brian Ladd sits down with Ladd Group brokers, Alice, Stephanie, and Erik, to discuss the current real estate market in Bend, and how buyers and sellers can get the most out of today’s market. See current statistics and data from the most recent market reports.

    The Ladd Group broker panel also reviews top questions from buyers and sellers. In this webinar they address the following questions:


    1. Have I missed my window to sell, or is winter still a good time?

    2. Should I trust Zestimates?

    3. What can I do to help my home look great and enhance curb appeal? Does staging really work?


    1. Homes are on the market longer and price reductions are increasing. What does this mean for a buyer?

    2. As a buyer, how can I make my offer stand out?

    3. Does I, the buyer, need to have my pre-approval letter ready before making an offer?

    4. What does it mean for earnest money to go hard/non refundable?

    Housing Affordability and Homelessness

    September 30, 2021

    Brian Ladd invites Housing Director for the City of Bend, Lynne McConnell, and Bend City Council member, Anthony Broadman, to discuss the future of housing affordability in Central Oregon. Learn more about how our government officials are planning to help meet the housing needs of our rapidly growing city.

    The Market Is Shifting: How Buyers Can Be Successful Right Now

    July 21, 2021

    Brian Ladd and our expert buyers agents discuss current trends in the Bend real estate market—and what they could mean for your own real estate goals.

    We address topics, like:

    • Inventory levels and how that affects sales price
    • Should buyers wait?
    • Ways to win in a competitive (and changing) market
    • Should sellers wait?
    • Buyer trends

    June 10, 2021: What Is Up with This Market?

    March 16, 2021: Your Real Estate Questions Answered

    February 10, 2021: Tips for Being Successful in This Market

    Click here for slides.

    November 12, 2020: This Week in Housing: State of the Housing Market

    August 6, 2020: This Week in Housing: State of the Housing Market

    June 4, 2020: Bend Chamber of Commerce Covid-19 Impact Webinar, Featuring Brian Ladd and Others

    (To just hear what Brian has to say, forward to 16:00 minutes)


    May 21, 2020: Growth – Where Planning, Construction, and Community Converge

      View Slides

    May 1, 2020: This Week in Housing with Roger Lee

      View Slides

    April 16, 2020: Navigating the Bend Housing Market in Uncertain Times

      View Slides

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